Leetie Bead Buck - Gift Card Bonuses!


You guys...
We're doing a THING! AGAIN! During the homestretch 'til Christmas, we are doing Leetie Bonus Bucks on any gift card purchases!
It's like money (or jewelry) in the bank!
*You can purchase the type of gift cards you'd like the best OR a combo!
*Like to Shop the app? Grab the gift cards there! Then we add your Bonus Bucks to your account in Leetie.CommentSold.com (the app). Just grab the app at your app store!
*Like to Shop LeetieLovendale.com? That's ok too! Purchase the gift cards there & we'll email you your Bonus Bucks as a separate email.
*Please note we send Bonus Bucks out manually within 24-48 hours of your purchase (usually quicker but to be safe).
Eekkk! We've never run something this big before...
so fingers crossed that it all goes seamlessly & we don't sell too many lol!
PS You can gift them or spend them - any time! No expiration date, just like a gift card!


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