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Hey friends!

Who is Leetie Lovendale?

Leetie Lovendale is a jewelry company based in Arizona. We make jewelry using mostly vintage goods & responsibly-sourced materials, right here in the US.

From a vintage parts and shapes, to modern jewelry fit for today, Leetie Lovendale is a company born of leftovers.

When a plastics manufacturer who made jewelry components from 1963 to 1982 needed their first-floor warehouse space back, they called Heather (our founder) & her Jan (her Mom) who at the time had a bead store & jewelry components company. They didn't know if they were going to Rhode Island to check out a few boxes of beads or a car trunk load. When they arrived & found a warehouse of 40,000 lbs of leftover plastic parts, they knew they'd hit on a jewelry scavenger's dream.

The name 'Leetie Lovendale' is an homage to the strong women in the lineage of the founder's family. Leetie is Heather's momma's nickname. And Lovendale is a family name.

the Leetie mission.

To remind you, YOU are BEAUTIFUL.

Jewelry adorns & uplifts. It highlights the best parts of you. Jewelry always fits. And whether it reminds you of playing in your Mimi's jewelry box or brings a smile because of its off beat and fun nature, Leetie jewelry is designed to make you feel your best.

where to find.

Here. On our Site.

Or we encourage you to support your local boutiques. We are in over 150 stores & counting across the US. To find out if your favorite boutique stocks Leetie Lovendale, you can click here & see a list of our stockists. Or be sure to tell them about us! And if you have a boutique, you can learn more about stocking Leetie here.

local. sustainable.

Leetie Lovendale was founded in Maine in 2010. We are now & have been based in Arizona since 2014.

Leetie Lovendale uses vintage goods 95% of the time. We love that in the making of our jewelry, we aren't putting loads of new materials out into the world. We also source any added supplies we might need, in the most ethical & responsible ways that we can.

giving back.

We want you to feel beautiful & be happy in Leetie.

Happiness is important to us. It's not possible to be happy all of the time. But to keep that in check, taking care of our mental health is so important. We like to support the following mental health initiatives. We rescue cats too. These are just a couple of the groups we have been supporting this year.


the Leetie Team



Ahmee has been part of Team Leetie for 6 years. In fact, she & Heather WERE the team for years as we grew. She oversees day-to-day operations, customer service & Leetie's general business systems.



Ashlie is the one who makes your packages feel like you're opening a gift from a friend. From production, modeling and fulfillment, she's a always willing to get stuff done and she's an important part of Team Leetie.



Victoria works remotely from Japan but we get to enjoy her in-house when she visits us in AZ. From content creation & copywriting to social media posts & product adds, she's the one making you want to scroll 'til you find a Leetie fix.



Tammy is our necklace production specialist. She helps us stock up on our collectible Morgans, Sylvies & Aletas and works fast to be sure your orders are ready. Her attention to detail keeps our strung products top-notch quality.



Max might have the shortest commute & has to put up with his Momma all day, but his attention to detail and quality keeps your stud, hoop & statement earrings all the impeccable quality you have come to expect from Leetie goods.



Lola enjoys this chair right by the door working as Head of Security. She protects the team from UPS, Fedex and the super sketchy post office person. Simultaneously she is sure to greet the Leetie team upon check-in and makes everyone feel welcome.



"I am grateful every day. I get to play with pretty plastics & put them together in interesting ways. I get to work with an incredible team. I get to adorn our amazing community of friends in colorful baubles. And I get to share jewelry stories from the past by creating treasures fit for today.

I love what I do."

After owning a bead store for 20 years & watching loads of designers make jewelry & launch their own brands, it was Heather's turn. Leetie Lovendale is a line that is inspired by the jewelry lore of decades gone by. From hoop earrings to statement necklaces, Heather turns little bits of vintage plastics into wearable art, perfect for contemporary times.