Book at Live Trunk Show

Book at Live Trunk Show

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What's a Live Trunk Show or Live Takeover?

It's basically where we 'TakeOver' your CommentSold or selling app and do the selling for you! We show our most recent jewelry best sellers & tell your shoppers all kinds of stories about where we source our vintage materials, about sustainability in jewelry & show some styling tips & techniques in jewelry layering and more! There is no risk to you in that you order only what sells during our event. Have an active online community? Let's talk more about how we can work together.

“Heather tells such captivating stories about the origin of the materials they use in their jewelry. My shoppers become collectors and ask for more Leetie shows all the time! It's a great add-on to what they already buy from me!”

Typically we prefer when stores have an online selling app such as CommentSold. BUT we can also 'Go Live' fo you the old fashioned way. You just have to track comments & send your invoices, then submit your order to us. 




Have an app using CommentSold? Here's how it works! You create a limited permissions login for us to Go Live in your spaces: your FB page, group & app. We send you a csv ahead of time of products we will be showing & you add them to your inventory. Once we login, we create a Product Selection & go live for your community. After the event, you can leave the replay up for a day or so, then submit your order. We ship usually within 2-4 business days to you for you to fulfill their orders.

Old Fashioned Way


No app or CommentSold? Add us as an admin to your FB Group or Page and we will go live & sell directly to your customers using a Style Number system. Once you aggregate your comments & invoice your shoppers, you submit your order to us. 
We ship usually within 2-4 business days to you for you to fulfill their orders.

We'd love to work with you! Reach out if you have other creative ways we can work together OR book your Live Trunk Show event here!

XOXO Leetie Lovendale

Ready to book??
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