Leetie Spread the Love Program

Leetie Spread the Love Program

The Leetie 'Spread the Love' Program

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What is the 'Spread the Love' Program?

Heather here! I just wanted to check in & share some more info about the 'Spread the Love' program that we have been working on here in the Leetie HQ for the last few weeks. Here is how it all came to be:

As we watched our fellow small-batch maker/manufacturer/designer -friends & designers pivot their businesses and start producing face masks & other PPE to help medical staff & the general public, we were inspired. Could we help too? Should we get some sewing machines to send home to our team who had been working from home? Recognizing that sewing & patterns and such were not our wheelhouse, we brainstormed. What could we do to help?

Then one of our regular shopping friends from our Sample Sale Group (we really get to know each other in there) messaged me about a shipment. Knowing she was an RN, I asked her how she was holding up. It was the early weeks of the pandemic and she's bubbly & fun so I expected a jovial "We'll be ok" type answer. Her only response was "I'm. Scared."

That really hit me. We KNEW what our medical workers were going to be facing. Or we thought we did, at the time. But those of us who do not have jobs & who are not exposed in that same way might not really take that fear in or ever REALLY get it unless we are facing it. Daily.

Here at Leetie, we might not be equipped to make colorful masks or plastic face shields, but one thing we are pretty good at is spreading cheer. For years, people who love our baubles say how all the color just makes them happy. We set up our market booths like a candy store & then tried to translate that same light hearted burst of colorful fun to our website. The stores who stock us are known for their whimsical, retro & colorful aesthetics. So, the 'Spread the Love' program was born. If we can't make something practical, we can certainly combat the fear with some extra cheer.

We are not trying to pat ourselves on the backs here...

Truly... gifting fun jewelry is nothing compared to the gift our front-line workers are giving to us, just by going to work.

However even though I was raised to feel that we shouldn't showcase our giving, it's when I see others doing something kind that I'm also inspired to give. Whatever I can a the time.

So we are sharing this program for 2 reasons:

1. We are ready to send out more Spread the Love Boxes to medical staff & caregivers.

2. We are hoping it will inspire others to do what they can, when they can. Because we all need a little more cheer to outweigh the fear.

Do YOU know anyone who is a health care worker who could use a little love?

If you are a health care worker or care giver & have a team you'd like to gift with some cheery jewelry, here is how it works. Send us a message. In the message, please include the following:

*The Facility You Work For

*How Many Are On Your Team? (we are sending boxes of up to 30 pair of free earrings so think about your shift, your wing, your peeps).

*YOUR Name & Shipping Address (We are not shipping directly to any facilities as many are turning away unexpected packages.)

*Your Email Address for tracking purposes

And while pics & posts are NOT necessary - that's truly not the point of this - we really wanted to share some that we did receive because... look at those smiles & those incredibly kind & brave people! They're a gift right back to us!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -Theodore Roosevelt

Thank you for reading & for helping us 'Spread the Love'.
-Heather DeSimone, Designer & CEO of Leetie Lovendale