Top 5 Lucite Jewelry Styling Ideas

Top 5 Lucite Jewelry Styling Ideas

Top 5 Lucite Jewelry Styling Ideas

Oh hey! We know you love your lucite jewelry! It's light-weight, gives you a pop-of color and it makes you feel like every outfit is complete when you put it on. But some days you just go to your closet & you need a little inspiration. Here are our Top 5 styling ideas on how to add the jewelry frosting to the basics in your closet to pack that outfit punch you want, so you feel beautiful inside & out all day!

Styling Tip 1: Style Your Favorite Destroyed Denim

destroyed denim styled with lucite jewelryEveryone has that favorite pair of jeans they adore. They fit just right, they're worn out to the level you like them. They're like a styling blank canvas. There are loads of way to round this wardrobe staple out but one of our favorites is to dress them up with a contrasting frilly blouse & add some color with your jewelry & accessories. Grab your favorite dressy top & a fun pair of shoes and add a Confetti Lucite Marco Necklace alongside a pair of incredible statement earrings & you're good to go.                                                         



Styling Tip 2: Rock Your Jewelry at The Office

On those days you have to go a little more conservative at work, there are ways to leetie at the officebring in that fun pop that Leetie jewelry adds to your look. Grab your favorite pencil skirt (and oh btw, they look great on EVERYONE no matter your shape, it's absolutely true, we challenge you to try one!) and pair of booties. Finish the look off with a chunky statement necklace. We recommend the Leetie Sylvie necklace in your favorite color combo. 

Khakis and white blouse style tipsStyling Tip #3: Rock Your Favorite Khakis Khakis are a timeless classic & if you don't have one in your closet right this minute, I'm sure you have at some point. It might have been in the form of a pair of khaki shorts, pants or even a fun skirt. They are time-testing wardrobe staples which are great to layer on white basic tees, and then you create your style. Layer these basics with a boho cover up or if you like a preppier vibe, how about a vintage cardigan? In the summer, match this look up with your favorite sandal or if it's cooler out you can grab your favorite pair of boots with your trousers. Then the jewelry frosting might include your favorite arm party of Stack & Stretch Bracelets along with a chunky necklace. Or just opt for your favorite statement earrings. You can't go wrong with these basics as your backdrop.

Styling Tip #4: Your Favorite Skinny Jeans So I hear Mom-Jeans are coming back.  We'll see where that trend goes, but a good tapered and tailored jean is still considered a classic. Made to be dressed up with a heel or dressed down with your favorite pair of Conversestyling your skinny or mom jeans, this closet classic is something we all can grab on the go & make to look fabulous. One option is to grab a pair in a fun color like grey or purple. Then layer them with chambray which will bring a classic element to the outfit. Add ruffles & it's classic meets trendy. Add your favorite pair of booties & layer with a slouchy sweater. Any outfit can be upgraded with a pair of fantastic hoop earrings. We love the bigger the better for this look but the Large Marilyn Hoops are a great choice, especially in Denim Blue when we're talking Denim styling. Add a chunky necklace & you're off on your way! 


Boho style ideasStyling Tip #5: Go Boho Everyone loves the Boho vibe these days, but not every body type can pull off all the flowy tops & loose fitting dreamy dresses. Here is one way you can get that Bohemian dream look with some staple pieces that flatter almost everyone. Stove pipe pants are great for the workplace OR on a night out. Depending on what you match them up with they can be as hippie chick as your flow-y skirts but offer that tailored flattering fit. Add a long layering necklace & you have slimmed out the outfits lines immensely. We love this Rosary Chained Rope style as a great layering necklace that fits all your Boho style goals. 

We hope you have loved our styling ideas! We have so much fun putting these outfits together & hope we have touched on some things that you might have in your closet already and they just need the added touch of some fab jewels. You are beautiful!